Two Loves – Fixing This

Being loved by two people at the same time is something which puts one in trouble.


Though it feels lucky to be loved by both of them at the initial stage, you soon get confused about whom to choose and also regarding how to tackle the entire situation, and how to go around picking your partner. Here in this article we will try to give you a few suggestions so that you know what exactly to do –  use the information posted on Chicbabes to really narrow down your search.

First Things First

First of all, think about the two persons individually and also about the differences in their love. It may be that one of them makes you feel secured but you do not find much passion from his side; the second one, on the other hand, loves you more passionately and takes you higher with his love! So, now it’s for you to decide what you will do. You may feel like giving importance to the emotional infatuation in the love of the second person while still being committed to the first one. However, one must understand that he or she is cheating on his or her partner here.

They should also ask themselves whether they are ethically right. Our society is always in favour of monogamy and loving two people at the same time is not really unacceptable. So, even if you are comfortable with having two people in your life, things may not turn out to be smooth in your way.



So, at this stage, you might need to choose one between the two. If you feel that being with the second person can make you happier, then go ahead, but only after detaching your ties with the first. And in case you think it is not possible due to some social reason or some personal bindings then dismiss the idea of going with the second one. Try to rebuild your love for the first person and also to set things right between you two, things can get especially confusing when one of them is an escort. You need to forget the second person in your life completely and also let him know that you cannot accept his love due to your existing relationship. He may not understand or feel hurt at this. Then it’s your duty to make him understand your situation and be strong enough to refuse his approaches if he does not want to let it go.


When you are loved by two people at the same time, you may take the help of a therapist or counselor. These people are knowledgeable and matured to guide you in the right way. You may also talk to your partner regarding the issue. One must also feel free to discuss everything openly and share your feelings with his or partner in this type of a situation. If his ignorance about you is the reason why you gave the second option a thought, then he should try to overcome the drawbacks in his part.


Thus, handling the situation seems difficult when two people love you at the same time. If such a situation arises, you should deal with the matter with maturity and patience as we have discussed.